Blason de Pont-d'Ouilly : “de gueules au pont de trois arches d'or sur une rivière d'azur où nage un poisson aussi d'or, surmonté d'un léopard du même”.
Welcome to Pont-d'Ouilly
Welcome to Pont-d'Ouilly
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History - Communes

Until 1826, the current communal sector was divided into three different communes :

  • the commune of Saint-Marc-d'Ouilly, attached to the canton of Thury-Harcourt (after having been part of the Falaise canton), which consists of the whole of the current commune located on the left bank of the Orne river
  • the commune of Saint-Christophe, attached to the canton of Falaise, whose border with Ouilly-le-Basset lies along the La Valette road and its continuation by La Guérardière and La Goubinière as far as the Val-la-Hère stream, and a hedge which goes down from the bottom of this path to the Orne river
  • the commune of Ouilly-le-Basset, also attached to the canton of Falaise, which includes the part of the village of Pont-d'Ouilly situated on the right bank of the Orne river, as far as the hedge bordering on to Saint-Christophe, as well as the various hamlets situated to the North-East of the current commune


Area of the old communes


Until 1947, the right bank of the current village of Pont-d'Ouilly was part of the commune of Ouilly-le-Basset, whereas the left bank belonged Saint-Marc-d'Ouilly.
The last months of the Second World War were very painful for the Pont-d'Ouilly agglomeration. The bombing, which aimed to destroy the bridge, affected many houses in the area, and the two communes of Ouilly-le-Basset and Saint-Marc-d'Ouilly were declared disaster areas.
As well as other consequences, this resulted in the establishment of a rebuilding and development programme, in other words town-planning.
The administrative and financial difficulties, which quickly affected both of the two municipalities, as well as the solidarity and the mutual aid which always appear at difficult times, no doubt acted as catalysts for the merging which was to take place between the two banks of the Orne river. Among the initiators of this merging were MM. Marcel Guyon, François Dupré, Robert de Pierrepont, ...

Official Journal of August the 26th 1947

The commune of Pont-d'Ouilly was thus created by decree on Saturday August the 23th 1947, and was published in the Official Journal of Tuesday August the 26th.

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